Natural Remedies for Anxiety Attacks

Suffering from anxiety disorder is not the end of the world. What used to be a difficult psychological problem to deal with is now a recognized health issue with treatments that you can choose from. You are also not alone; thousands of people deal with anxiety attacks on a daily basis.

It is not always possible to eliminate anxiety disorder. You have to be willing to accept that you have anxiety issues and solve the underlying issue in order to regain control over your mental state. However, anxiety disorder is something that can be managed and treated gradually.

As mentioned before, there are treatments with high effectiveness for anxiety disorder and similar medical conditions. In this article, however, we are going to focus more on the natural remedies you can use to help you manage your anxiety attacks better.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the best drinks to have if you are suffering from a panic attack. Green tea is relaxing by nature and everything about it brings positive benefits to your body. The aroma of green tea stimulates the brain and lowers your heartrate. The sensation of drinking a hot cup of coffee is also very relaxing.

Green tea contains a nutrient known as theanine. Theanine gets absorbed by the body almost immediately; this is why you get an instant boost in cognitive ability every time you drink green tea. On the other hand, the beverage is also rich in antioxidant, which helps the body improve its immune system and brings other long-term benefits.


Cannabidiol or CBD is another effective natural remedy for stress and anxiety. In fact, CBD is actively being used to treat symptoms of anxiety disorder due to its calming nature. While CBD is derived from cannabis plant, it is not a psychoactive substance and will not affect your cognitive ability.

Similar to a cup of green tea, you feel the immediate effects of consuming CBD in an instant. You will start feeling calmer and more relaxed. Your heartrate gradually drops to its normal rate and you regain focus. The combination lets you understand the situation you are in better, eliminating the need to panic in the process.

CBD also has long-term benefits too. While pharmaceutical drugs come with various side effects, CBD doesn’t. You get all the benefits of using prescription medications for anxiety, and only slight nausea to deal with when you are just getting started with the treatment.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a popular remedy for anxiety. Since lemon balm is also available as a supplement and extract, there is no need to worry about not being able to consume lemon balm conveniently when you do suffer from a panic attack.

Even better, you can now find lemon balm tea on certain supermarkets and online retailers. Consuming lemon balm as a tea is not only soothing and healthy, but also very enjoyable. You can combine lemon balm tea with a pinch of sugar for added flavour.

Valerian Root

Next, we have valerian. This is a herb that has been used for generations. This too is a herb known for its calming nature. It may not be as popular as CBD or lemon balm, but some specialty store sells valerian herbs in different forms.

The easiest way to consume valerian root is by drinking a valerian root tea. There are also supplements that contain dried and ground valerian roots if you are looking for a more convenient way of dealing with stress. When consumed as a supplement, expect the natural remedy to work 2 to 3 hours after consumption.


Aroma is a big part of dealing with anxiety. The right aroma can calm your heart not only because of the smell, but also because of the pleasant memories attached to that aroma. For treating anxiety issues, pick up a lavender-scented candle or essential oil.

The latter works really well as an immediate treatment too. Lavender essential oil can be diffused into the air to create a more soothing ambience. You can stop worrying about the things that make you anxious and focusing more on what you can do to regain composure.


The last natural remedy on our list is chamomile. Also available as tea, chamomile relaxes the muscles and calm your nerves. It helps with insomnia and alleviates headaches, plus it doesn’t produce any side effect when consumed regularly.

Regular consumption of chamomile tea also improves digestion and body metabolism. These additional health benefits for having regular cups of chamomile tea? Not the kind of things you want to miss, is it?

These natural remedies are known to be effective in treating anxiety disorder and helping you cope with panic attacks. They can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with each other. Keep them handy for when you need to deal with sudden anxiety attacks.

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