How to Deal with Repetitive Stress and Anxiety

If you feel stressed out most of the time, you are not alone. A lot of people are suffering from repetitive stress and anxiety disorder. These are health issues that are becoming more common than ever. The way we interact with devices and stay connected is a huge contributing factor, because it usually leads to stressors – the things that are causing your stress – following you around.

Knowing how to deal with stress is important; even more so when you suffer from recurring stress and anxiety attacks. Thankfully, stress is not a difficult problem to deal with. You just need to know how to handle the situation while working on fixing the underlying issues that are causing your stress. Here are the top tips and tricks you can follow.

Exercise Regularly

A healthy body is important if you are serious about dealing with stress better, which is why exercising regularly is highly recommended. Adding routine exercise to your daily schedule will transform the way stress affects you and how well you can cope with them.

Stress hormones such as cortisol are automatically lowered when you are exercising. In exchange of stress hormones, your body is filled with a stream of feel-good hormones that make you feel fresh and ready for more challenges after exercising.

Exercising also helps with your self-esteem. The better you feel about yourself, the better you will be at dealing with stressful situations. Add the fact that exercising also helps you sleep better at night, and it is easy to see how important it is to exercise regularly.

Controlled Breathing

A good technique to master if you suffer from repetitive stress is breathing. When you are stressed out, your heart beats at a faster rate than normal. You need to bring it back down. Breathing is how you do that.

Controlled breathing also helps you relax better. As you calm down more and more, you will feel your mind regaining focus and understanding the situation better. The rest will be easy from this point, since you can solve the issue behind your anxiety or stress better.

You can choose to go a step further and try meditating. The basic principles are the same, but meditation takes you deeper and allows you to return to a state of calm and balance more gradually.

CBD Supplements

One of the best treatments to consider when you suffer from recurring stress and anxiety attacks is cannabidiol or CBD. Derived from cannabis plant, CBD brings all the health benefits of cannabis without the negative side effects. You won’t even feel high after consuming CBD because the compound is not psychoactive.

CBD supplements are now available in different forms. They also come with additional ingredients such as tea tree, lemon, and lavender. These additional ingredients are meant to bring added benefits to the users.

The same extra ingredients are also found in certain CBD oil products. CBD oil is the treatment to go for when you want a more immediate effect. A couple of drops under the tongue and you will feel your stress level going down right away. Check out for more info on these products.

A Healthy Diet

Speaking of supplements, making sure that your body gets what it needs to deal with stress is another important step to take. For a more permanent effect, consider altering your diet and meeting the daily nutrition requirements.

It is also worth noting that some food items are effective when consumed for the purpose of reducing stress. Green tea, for instance, works really well in stimulating the brain and telling it to calm down. The combination of aroma and flavour coming from a cup of green team is perfect for the purpose.

Lemon and orange, along with other antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, are also highly recommended. What you don’t want to do is consuming a large amount of alcohol, especially when you are stressed out. Your blood alcohol level affects how you deal with the stress.

Understand the Problem

All of the tips and tricks we discussed so far focus more on helping you return to a calm and balanced state. In order to really deal with the issue, you need to be in this state first. There is no point in rushing through a decision just because you are stressed out; this will only lead to more issues and more stress.

There are several ways you can better understand the cause of your stress too. You can have an internal dialogue with yourself. Writing down the problems and prioritizing the tasks in hand are also great steps to take if you regularly suffer from stress and anxiety attack.

To complete the set, find something that helps you stay in a relaxed state for longer. For some people, the activity that helps them is chewing gum. For others, taking a short walk to stay focused works really well. Find the activity that works best for you, and you can deal with stress more effectively from this point forward.

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