Patients and carers


Patients / service users

Patients and service users receiving NHS healthcare services have a right to expect the highest quality care and treatment and to be treated as individuals, with empathy, respect and tolerance. This should include the expectation that all their needs will be met, even if they have trouble expressing them.

Where possible, patients should be encouraged to participate in their own care planning and in the setting of treatment goals, as this puts them in a position of equality with respect to the health care professional.

Patients may learn to be aware of and recognise triggers that cause them to become distressed and should communicate any anxieties or concerns to staff.


Carers can play a vital role in ensuring the quality of NHS services by:

    • being involved in care planning
    • providing staff with information on triggers, precursors and behaviour patterns of the patient or service user
    • providing personal information about the patient or service user (e.g. their personal and medical history, likes and dislikes etc.)

The information and tools on this website are designed to be generic and apply to different audiences. Patients, service users and carers may find the sections listed below to be particularly useful to them.

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