Training videos

This section includes a series of videos that have been developed to complement the Meeting needs and reducing distress guidance and assist in challenging behaviour awareness training, staff inductions or as a standalone learning resource for staff involved in direct patient care. If you cannot see the video above (streaming from Vimeo website) you can download it, and all the other videos, at the bottom of this page. Suitable for both clinical and non-clinical staff working in a range of settings, these comprehensive videos aim to:

  • Raise awareness of clinically related challenging behaviour in a variety of settings
  • Demonstrate positive communication, engagement and de-escalation techniques and other skills that can be used to prevent and manage challenging incidents
  • Demonstrate the importance of building staff-patient relationships when planning and delivering care
  • Highlight the importance of collaboration, information sharing, and multi-disciplinary teamwork
  • Highlight environmental elements that can be incorporated to prevent and manage challenging behaviour and
  • Address key learning outcomes recommended in the guidance for staff training.

The videos present scenarios involving four patients and their interaction with the health service, based on common situations encountered by staff. They also include interviews with experienced healthcare staff and managers in various roles speaking about personal experiences and the positive techniques that staff can use to prevent and manage challenging behaviour.

While the videos are primarily designed to be incorporated in challenging behaviour awareness training [link to training], they can also be viewed independently to aid learning by staff, patients, carers, students and others.

They relate to three key learning outcomes from the guidance:

  • Understand what is meant by clinically related challenging behaviour and recognise its common causes and signs
  • Be able to identify, reduce and manage risks associated with clinically related challenging behaviour
  • Identify positive steps all staff can take to help prevent clinically related challenging behaviour and provide best support and care for patients:

There are seven videos in the series. You can view a streaming version of each video (from Youtube) or download it (in mp4 format) by clicking on the links below or in the menu to the left.

Understanding challenging behaviour
Prevention and care strategies
Managing risks (part 1)
Managing risks (part 2)
Prevention and care strategies: Environment

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