Treatment guidelines

Managing Behaviour and Psychological Problems in Patients with Diagnosed or Suspected Dementia

These guidelines were developed by the Nottinghamshire Area Prescribing Committee for treatment of people over 65 with diagnosed or suspected dementia (they do not cover rapid tranquilisation of acutely disturbed patients).

Guidelines on emergency control of the acutely disturbed adult patient

These guidelines are for use when a patient is acutely and severely disturbed, i.e. when they are physically aggressive or threatening to become so, a danger to themselves, staff, visitors or other patients, or exhibiting behaviour which disrupts the delivery of care, and when this has a presumed medical or psychiatric cause. 

Guidelines for the management of behavioural disturbance and cognitive impairments following acute brain injury

These guidelines were developed for staff working with inpatients at the Hurstwood Park Neurosciences Centre (Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust). They apply to patients who exhibit cognitive and behaviour problems relating to brain injury.