Template documents

‘This is me’

‘This is me’ is a tool developed by the Alzheimer’s Society to help professionals collect and share information about the person with dementia as an individual, in order to enhance the care and support given to them while they are in an unfamiliar environment.

Communication passport

This booklet can provide personal information about a patient, such as likes and dislikes, family history, what they can do unassisted and what they may need help with. This template has been provided by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and is designed to assist in care of individuals with a learning disability.

Sample policy template for the prevention and management of challenging behaviour

This policy template is designed to assist organisations in developing a policy on the prevention and management of challenging behaviour.

Sample staff debrief template

This template provides a list of generic topics for staff debriefs. It can be used or adapted to make sure the debrief is a meaningful and effective intervention.